Bamboo/Cotton insert multi-pack (3)

Bamboo/Cotton insert multi-pack (3)

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           3 pack of Bamboo/Cotton inserts

Super absorbent 4 layer  inserts for baby cloth diapers. These are a super absorbent natural fiber and can absorb a lot of moisture. The perfect insert for your heavy wetter!

Check out our hemp inserts, they can also be added as an extra doubler inside overnight cloth diapers.

Unwashed insert dimensions: ~14 x 5 inches. Our fabrics are not pre-washed and some shrinkage is expected (normally up to 1.5 inches lengthwise).

Our natural fiber inserts are not pre-washed  or pre-processed, shedding can be a normal part of the prepping process. No need to worry, shedding will stop once inserts are fully prepped and will not affect the function of your insert!