Prepping Your Diapers

How to Prep Cloth Diapers: Wash. Dry (low to medium heat or line dry). Use.

How to Prep Bamboo and Cotton Inserts: Bamboo contains natural oils within its fibers. It's recommended to wash three to four times with hot water (drying not necessary between each wash) prior to use, for maximum absorbency.  Dry on low heat or line dry.  Our Bamboo & Cotton inserts are not pre-washed and some shrinkage is to be expected. 

How to Prep Hemp Inserts: Wash 3-4 times with detergent, with hot water if possible. No need to dry until after all washes are complete. The drying process only fluffs up the fibers and changes the shape, it does not affect oil removal. Hemp does have natural oils, but a good detergent will get them out sufficiently in three to five washes. Many people have success using their hemp inserts after one wash, with no leaks. For maximum absorbency, wash inserts three to four times.  Natural fiber shedding is normal, our inserts are not pre-washed or pre-processed!

Q: Can or should I BOIL my cloth diapers?
Boiling is not necessary for natural fabrics and can harm synthetics, melt snaps, etc. and can generally ruin modern cloth diapers. Boiling is NOT advised.

Q: Can I prep all my diapers together?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!! DON’T WASTE WATER, JUST DO IT ALL TOGETHER! Any fuzzies from shedding of inserts during the prep process should all come off in the dryer, so no need to worry about them sticking to your diaper!

Q: Is it necessary to 'strip' my new Sweet Peanut diaper?

No. Your diaper is brand new and should not need to be stripped as soon as you get it. Typically, stripping diapers and inserts is reserved for used (pre-loved) diapers or for when you suspect you have detergent build up, which prevents your inserts from properly absorbing liquids.