Using your Sweet Peanuts

After prepping your new diapers and inserts, it is important to get the proper fit!

Each diaper has adjustable waist and rise snaps to help ensure you get a comfortable, leak-free fit for your peanut.

To Use:

  • Adjust the rise setting that fits your baby best. Different brands may require different rise settings, not all diapers fit the same!
  • Stuff your insert into the diaper pocket. Make sure that the insert is completely inside the pocket and not sticking out of the top. Pocket Diapers are made to have customizable absorbency.  You may find that you may need to add an additional insert if you have a heavy wetter or for overnight use. Each baby is different.
  • Once the rise is snapped and your insert is stuffed, it's time to put that diaper on!
  • Secure each tab to the front of the diaper securely, making sure to snap the hip snap as well.  The hip snap helps adjust the leg holes, making a snugger fit.
  • Our diapers also offer "cross over" snaps on the front tabs, these extra snaps help ensure a great fit for even the tiniest of waists.

If you have questions about the fit of your diapers, please contact us. We are always more than happy to help troubleshoot!